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>However - those who enjoyed text + links were left behind. I really just wanted text with some links.

I'm not sure why this can't be done with HTTP? I have a Neocities page which is nothing but text and links with a barely-formatted page to be slightly-better-than-default.

Examples (NSFW language as obvious from the URL's but otherwise SFW):



(Note: Above two examples aren't my sites.)

This is actually addressed in the 'relevance' link above, and was the preamble to the text that I quoted.

"On the Web, even if such a group of confederated webmasters existed, it requires their active and willful participation to maintain such a hierarchical style and the seamlessness of that joint interface breaks down abruptly as soon as one leaves for another page. Within Gopherspace, all Gophers work the same way and all Gophers organize themselves around similar menus and interface conceits. It is not only easy and fast to create gopher content in this structured and organized way, it is mandatory by its nature. Resulting from this mandate is the ability for users to navigate every Gopher installation in the same way they navigated the one they came from, and the next one they will go to."

Simply put, it can't reasonably be done with HTTP/HTML because it requires active management (which as I pointed out is basically a non-starter), instead of being 'baked in' like it is with Gopher.

You could use a browser plug-in that required pages with a particular attribute to conform to a Gopher-like schema.

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