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It's just the navigation that's been converted. Even though metafilter pages are almost all just text + links, they haven't been converted from HTML. So you still need a web browser.

I'm not sure but I think floodgap.com can convert the web pages to text with elinks or w3m.

lynx can render gopher pages itself as well as being able to render the <html> format content linked to lower levels of the MetaFilter site mentioned in OA.

Below is an 'ascii screenshot'

                                                                       Gopher Menu
                                    Gopher Menu

            __  __      _        _____ _ _ _
           |  \/  | ___| |_ __ _|  ___(_) | |_ ___ _ __
           | |\/| |/ _ \ __/ _` | |_  | | | __/ _ \ '__|
           | |  | |  __/ || (_| |  _| | | | ||  __/ |
           |_|  |_|\___|\__\__,_|_|   |_|_|\__\___|_|

     (DIR) MetaFilter
           sharing and discussing neat stuff on the web
     (DIR) Ask MetaFilter
           asking questions and getting answers
     (DIR) FanFare
           pop culture discussion -- TV, movies, podcast, books
     (DIR) Projects
           creative work by MetaFilter community members
     (DIR) Music
           original musical and audio recordings by MeFites
     (DIR) Jobs
           employment opportunities and member availabilities
     (DIR) IRL
           organizing meetups and community events in real life
     (DIR) MetaTalk
           where the commuity talks about MetaFilter itself
     (DIR) FAQ
           frequently asked questions

    Commands: Use arrow keys to move, '?' for help, 'q' to quit, '<-' to go back.
      Arrow keys: Up and Down to move.  Right to follow a link; Left to go back.
     H)elp O)ptions P)rint G)o M)ain screen Q)uit /=search [delete]=history list
Back in mid 90s I was dialling into a GreenNet shell account and running lynx to surf gopher and http content seamlessly, all for the price of a phone call to a London number.

Sure, but lynx is a web browser. If you use a real gopher client, clicking on any of those links will open into a browser rather than in the gopher client.

Yes, for the real retro experience, people might want to try a graphical gopher client, complete with the little folder icons. Lynx just happened to already be installed.

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