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Possibly OT but I knew I recognized your username around here and a glance at your profile reminds me you run http://mightybrand.com

I'm genuinely curious what makes you (and others) start new projects when I would think you have (or should have) your hands full with seeing how far one can go? In other words why and how do you feel your time is better spent starting a new project as opposed to improving/optimizing your current one? Is it a matter of burnout and just needing something different to think about? I guess I've always thought that running a business entailed hundreds of hats as it is, and optimizing different areas of your business would always leave you with something different to do.

Genuinely interested on your motivations if you don't mind.

That's a fair question. It's partly some burnout and needing a new challenge. It's partly that this took me a weekend or two to build (and most of it was built before we started MightyBrand, to be honest), and I hated the thought of throwing it away without seeing what kind of response it would get. And if I'm honest with myself, part of it might be a mistake on my part. I'll have to think about it some more.

I am prone to doing this. It's about being a serial entrepreneur but also being easily distracted by the next idea. End result is being spread too thin, but it's very hard to avoid given that the drive to find and build ideas is so strong.

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