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Tell HN: HN and Slack Office Hours with YC Partners this Friday
42 points by kevin on Feb 23, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments
YC Partners, Jared Friedman and Trevor Blackwell, will be doing online office hours on HN this Friday (Feb 26) at 11am PT.

We'll put up a new thread that morning and if you'd like help with your startup, post a top-level comment with a one or two sentence description of what you do and the first thing you'd like to talk about. The community will vote, and Jared and Trevor will answer the top questions.

Jared will also be doing open office hours on Slack from 2-4pm PT on Friday (Feb 26). If you'd like help with your startup, but want your questions answered in a private setting, sign up here by end of day on Feb 23:


When exactly was "end of day"? I tried submitting at 4:50pm PST, February 23 and it said that applications had closed...

edit: also, the event page says sign up by "Wednesday, February 24".

yep. tried to do the same!

I just emailed jared, it was a mistake and he's reopened it.

"Tell HNs" no longer appear in the HN front page, which seems unintentional given announcements such as these.

Are you sure? because I saw it on the front page

It wasn't at the front page until hours after submission.

Ask posts are stuck in the same purgatory too.

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