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Minefield: HTML5 Massively Multiplayer Online Minesweeper (mienfield.com)
248 points by mxfh on Feb 23, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 65 comments

So I used my touch screen to speed things up, and was banned:


It says "Ping me on Twitter if you have any questions." Have you done that? This seems like a bug that the creator would appreciate knowing about.

Yeah, I read that too. I don't use twitter :)

haha me too

I love it when people put a modern twist on a ubiquitous game like this. I'm reminded of http://bombermine.com (no longer up?), a massively multiplayer Bomberman clone. Personally, I've tried to modernize Solitare with http://solitaire.gg , but haven't figured out a way to make it massively multiplayer yet...

Bombermine has been renamed to Game of Bombs: https://clay.io/game/bombermine

Multiplayer solitaire (analog version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJoOom3f5mU

This was my favorite card game to play with my family as a kid.

For those interested this type of multiplayer "solitaire" is commonly known as pounce or nertz.

Other classic games that I've thought might make good massively multiplayer games include Battleship or Stratego with teams on a huge map.

It seems even "Massively" Multiplayer Online games can't survive the HN effect. :)

Indeed. The creator should add a "donate to the creator" button when receiving maximum user limit message. We could help him quit his job so he could work on this full time.

Unfortunately, I tried to donate, but the creator is in the Ukraine, and Paypal has blocked incoming payments there. There's some pretty nasty implications there that are probably worth discussion in another thread.

Someone just clicked randomly in the middle! How dangerous! Come on, we're working together here, let's not be irresponsible!

But man, this is satisfyingly cool. Teamwork! With real people! In something I'm slightly competent in!

Guilty as charged.

First posted to HN 1078 days ago...


Well I for one am glad it was posted again because I missed it three years ago. Also I am pretty sure there are quite a few new members to HN in the last 3 years.

Well, just 400 days ago it was down and didn't get back up for at least 200 days. I thought it was gone and am glad it was reposted.

should add a well deserved head tip to: @superlevel https://twitter.com/superlevel/status/702134669500923904

Definitely fun. Good work adapting the original to being multiplayer. Rename it to "Ourfield" and you've got yourself a nice pun, too.

For those who haven't been able to connect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHY8NKj3RKs

This is one of the most impressive film versions of a video game that I've seen, and I am counting Rihanna in Battleship. It really captures the essence of the game, and (spoiler alert) has a superb final lead into a sequel('Anyone want to play Hearts?').

// Ha Ha only serious. Hollywood has spent millions producing poorer quality game-derived films than this one.

This game has ruined my life and the lives of my wretched sons

This is awesome! (However, talk about a back-button hijack)

Ya, it's really really bad at that.

clicked, 20 mintues later, what was I doing?

It's a great simple idea executed well.

Yes - this in no way conveys productivity when full screen on a thunderbolt display.

Does it convey productivity when full screen on a HDMI display?

Very little productivity will _ever_ be conveyed if you're stuck using a low-res HDMI display connection!

Not simple at all.

Parent said a simple idea, not that it didn't take a good deal of awesome work to make it happen.

Ok, but which idea is not simple?

Quantum mechanics

formal proofs of correctness

Max players reached. :(

I'll come back to this later I guess

> Minefield: HTML5 Massively Multiplayer Online Minesweeper

Post title is wrong, the site's name is "Mienfeld", a (presumably intentional) misspelling of "Minefield", not "Minefield".

its "minefield" on the splash screen though...

Indeed. I'm guessing that minefield.com wasn't available.

Connection to the server has been lost :( Trying to reconnect . . .

Any details on the tech behind it?


any details? source?

From the about page:

"Game is being built with powers of Node.js and HTML5."

Just how big is the entire world map in this game? There seems to be no end in sight when I move around the mini-map...

Does the whole thing still blow up if someone clicks a mine? Seems ripe for griefers, but I couldn't bring myself to do it!

No it looks like it's all score based so you get points for correctly flagging mines and lose for incorrect flags and hitting bombs.

Also, the number of exploded mines and incorrectly flagged squares go on your permanent record (if you create a profile).

Good point I was at work so I couldn't get to the login email and find out what that gives/changes.

I don't like that the URL is mienfield.com

I agree. If it were "meinfield", it would at least be a German pun.


minefield vs mienfield

Yes, but why is that an issue?

Prefers minekampf.

I can't figure out how points are calculated. Most of the times I just 7 8 or 9, but sometimes I get 100.

I can't tell if I'm far above average in minesweeper, or if most people are bad. My best expert score is 72, and i average in 90-110 somewhere. Watching other people play... they go quite slow.

Do most people play minesweeper very casually? I always find it as an adrenaline filled rush to get to the end.

I wish I had known about this earlier. I have put so many hours into minesweeper over years of office work.

I recommend the commercial game Hexcell (and its sequels) if you want to turn the same logic into a really crafty puzzle.

Really cool, though there may be a problem with the adjacent bomb counts.

It's ... full of bombs...

That's amazing.

very cool!


Perhaps it wouldn't have died if it was powered by Erlang or Elixir instead

How much capacity do you think Erlang would provide, assuming no additional servers are added?

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