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If I was the NSA, the Chinese Government or a hacker group, I would be working really hard right now to get a foothold on the internal Apple network. To be able to grab any and all data (code, emails, files, etc) from anywhere on the network to try and capture the work that would be required to fulfill the request of this court order.

Even if we could trust the US government, we shouldn't be forcing Apple to create this 'master key' anyway. The problem is that anything that has been created digitally cannot be destroyed after it is used. Once the tool is created, we cannot put that genie back in the bottle.

It's recently been shown that this action is purely political, there is nothing material that the FBI stands to gain in their investigation.

The entire point is to let the genie out of the bottle.

It's been covered a couple of times, but Apple is being asked to make a tool that would check that the device ID is the same as the warranted device. That's the essential part.

By having a device ID check (combined with digital signage), Apple could publicly release the tool without fear of anything happening on any other phone. Plus people couldn't modify it because that would break the signature.

Did you miss the bit where the DoJ has already declared it has hundreds of other phones it will want cracked if Apple is willing to comply to this?

Also, if you think having a device ID check is going to do anything, you might want to have a look at the cracks scene and what they do with your pitiful attempts at DRM...

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