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Knowing AI will be useless, it'll be like knowing and programming assembly language, for high end specialists only.

You'll get a framework/app/api that will deliver you the info programmed by someone really into AI.

It'll be business as usual.

Know API's, frameworks, how to analyse data and tools around this, know people.

AKA Just be a good programmer.

This is an interesting perspective. Often folks do just go around plugging in various libraries and such.

However, the author of this thread I don't think was asking how to go about implementing someone's API as much as how to be the one to create the AIs that the APIs in the future might attach to.

Part of being a good programmer is knowing, at least from a higher point of view, how the underlying systems work. OP doesn't seem interested in doing AI research, but learning the basics should help you stand out in the pool of other API-using programmers.

Thank you for this very anti-intellectual answer, now I don't have to wonder anymore why programmers and engineers are getting commoditized.

Seriously, does for you being a good programmer only consist in calling some API or knowing some framework?

You react very negatively to an alternative opinion. I think it's a good and valid point considering the OP proposed the idea that knowing/learning/understanding AI will be critical.

Seems pretty intellectual to me. He just has a different priority on skill acquisition. Both types of people are required.

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