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Hey all! cofounder of brain.fm here.

Wowza :O

We had zero clue that we would hit front page of hn (the spike! https://imgur.com/RpUvpiH.png). Thanks for the upvote love!

Here's some deets on brain.fm:



Background music while focussing (i.e. coding, working, studying, creative work)



We actively study the relationship between music and the brain via our lead neuroscientist at Northwestern University (2 pilot studies via EEGs on brain.fm, on focus: https://goo.gl/t2qPPb, on sleep: https://goo.gl/i324Zj).

We're also working the with the Team USA Olympic wresting team (via coach Matt Lindland). Hoping to have the research case study live soon :)



"It feels like your headphones are giving you a mild dose of Ritalin."

^ Hustle (https://goo.gl/Quzwsd)

"Brain.fm has had a radical effect on my focus and mental clarity."

^ AppSumo (check out 290+ reviews https://appsumo.com/brainfm)

"One of the cool things about Brain.fm is that you can try it for a few minutes and immediately reap the benefits."

^ Product hunt (see: https://producthunt.com/tech/brain-fm + https://goo.gl/6aYiDK)

"I press play, my brain switches into super focus mode. It genuinely feels like I’ve taken a double-dose of my ADHD meds at times."

^ Smart girls with ADHD (see: https://goo.gl/VQx3XT)

Reddit discussion thread ^ see: https://reddit.com/3s0sq1



I'd like to share the hn community a '$25 for life' deal. (usually it's $149 for lifetime, $7 for monthly and yearly for $48). Link: https://brain.fm/hackernews


Happy to answer any questions!


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