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I want to give you an alternate perspective. Sometimes it's far more liberating to accept and move on. There is this book called "Dip" by Seth Godin. I recommend that you read it (it's just 70 odd pages). In that book, Seth talks about how, when you are in a dip, it's important to realize whether to persist and succeed, or to quit. When things just drag on there is an opportunity cost associated with that. Unfortunately, only you are the best person to decide whether you should ride through this trough or to move on.

My first 3-4 side projects were abject, miserable failures. It took me 5+ years of waking up to failures before I had something going that really gained traction. If I had just stuck with my first project, I am sure I would have gotten nowhere. So, have the guts to pull the plug on the project if you think it's the end of the road. It's okay - take a break, and you will bounce back even stronger.

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