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Ask HN: Do you still read RSS feeds?
34 points by nodivbyzero on Feb 19, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 40 comments

Yes and I'd prefer it if more websites offered it as a way to read their content or at least subscribe to their blogs for updates.

Being able to set up alerts to match certain keywords allows me to more actively consume their media and tends towards me actually supporting the continuation of their site because I noticeably consume and care for their media because I know it is there.

A site without an RSS feed means I need to manually check the site for any updates. Which means I'll never check the site for actual updates. Which means I never consume their media and wouldn't even notice if they closed their doors and shut down.

Have you looked into online tools [1] that let you make feeds out of any webpage?

[1]: http://superuser.com/questions/361093/how-to-track-blog-chan...


Yes, with feedly. It was the closest thing to google reader I could find when it initially shut down. I like that it can figure out what the RSS feed address is even if you just give it a domain name, though the mobile app is kind of annoying.

Yes. After Google Reader's demise decided to invest some time and find a good self-hosted solution. Very pleased with Tiny Tiny RSS since then: https://tt-rss.org

It's free, has simple design, consumes few VPS resources, supports plugins. There apps for Android, iOS, WP. Requirements: a webserver, PHP, Mysql/Postgres.

I do. I don't like someone else deciding what sources I get my content from, but find it hard to remember to go to those sources directly.

I use feedly (http://feedly.com/) daily. My list of RSS feeds needs some curation, but I find it easier than going to the sites directly.

Yes, often even with HN.

I was a bit disappointed after Google decided to shutter Reader but with a little digging, I found Newsblur[1][2] to be a (better than really) replacement for Reader and am happily using / subscribing to new RSSs feeds daily.

I find it much easier to curate information / sites in one place and use HN / Reddit for discussion about said.

1. https://www.newsblur.com/

2. https://github.com/samuelclay/NewsBlur

Yes. Quickest and less distraction by ads, comments, images ... so I could scan 70+ sources per day.

You beat me by 10. Care to share some of the less popular sources you consume?

Yes. Originally via Google Reader, but had to move to Newsblur when Google Reader closed. I like the fact it downloads and remembers the feed contents until I've read them, well, to a limit.

I used to dislike missing items (FOMO) and Reader was great for that, but because Newsblur has a limit per site I've gotten used to it.

Absolutely! My only source of news/articles comes to me through RSS feeds that are sent as emails. lapafeed [1] running alongside a free Mailchimp and OpenShift instance takes care of the whole thing.

[1]: https://github.com/oxplot/lapafeed

Yes! Best way to keep up with blogs and websites I like, especially ones that don't update very often, and avoid a lot of the cruft that can make the websites themselves hard to use.

Moved over to Feedly after Google Reader shut down and it's been fantastic.

Yea I use Newsflow which does a solid job of discovering RSS feeds on sites, easy to manage subscriptions, can star favorites, etc.


Yes. I use list view most of the time because it hides images and lets me see thousands of items as quickly as possible with a minimum of scrolling. I use feedly, but still miss Reader, which had some features that feedly is missing.

I have tried numerous times to get feed reading in my habit but I just stop reading it after few days.

Frankly, with Facebook, I can just like relevant pages of blogs / sites I want to follow and get curated news that is much easier to access.

Yup! Daily. FeedBin (service) and Unread (iOS) to follow infosec peeps, infosec company PR releases and a few security-focused subreddits.

The subreddits don't work so well via RSS. Shrug.

Absolutely key to my ongoing information ingestion process. http://www.inoreader.com/ FTW

[edit] and I gladly pay a few $/yr to keep them going

I follow 100+ webcomics and a bunch of other news sites and blogs. Feedly is amazing, have been using it since long before google reader was shut down. Feedly, reddit and HN are my daily chores.

Yes. I run a private Fever install - http://feedafever.com/

Yes but less convieniently since the RSS Ticker add on for Firefox stopped working. Does anyone know of an alternative?

RSS->Pocket for all the blogs I follow

I would if Google Reader still existed.

In a sense. I use tools that scrape RSS feeds to find and download episodic content, like podcasts.

Yes, with Feedly, and Newsify on iOS.

Yep. BazQux is a fantastic Google Reader replacement, and News+ for Android syncs to it.

Yes, for which I use NewsBlur.

No, but I used to read hundreds with Google Reader. Don't have time now.

... Yes?

That... kinda seems like it doesn't lead into a conversation very well....

Yes. Currently use tt-rss though I'm not all that happy with it.

Yes, daily. I was and still am a big user of FeedDemon.

Yes, have my own secret page that parses rss feeds.

I use Owncloud News Reader. Works good enough.

I send a couple into Pocket using IFTTT

Yes. What else?

Daily, with Feedbin. Better than ever.

Yes. For local or long tail stuff.

Every day.


yes, I use reader.aol.com

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