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Thanks. Your comments (and whalesalad's) helped make this clearer for me.

A simple (and I think common) situation may illustrate what I took away from your comments:

- You create a CRUD app in Django with two types of users: staff (who use the admin interface to modify anything) and regular (can create/modify their own data, but only read other people's data)

- The staff make a mess via the admin interface, so you decide to add some type of undo thing. You look around for an existing addon that does model versioning, but people still spend time reverting changes back.

- You decide you need some business logic (changes going through some review/approval process) and are scratching your head about how to do that in Django.

I can see then why "I look back on any apps I've built / worked on that a) started off as a CRUD system and b) are still going and most of them are a mess."

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