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> Flask/Python blows Node out of the water where performance is concerned. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

I'm a huge fan of Flask and Python in general, and despise server-side Javascript (or Javascript anything, really). But I'm curious how you can make this claim. CPython lacks JIT, and gunicorn + Flask is going to run a process pool by default, with each process being single threaded and under GIL.

What's your set up then? PyPy and gevent gunicorn workers? Otherwise I don't see how CPython+Flask+gunicorn could beat Node performance wise out of the box. At best PyPy + gevent would approximate NodeJS performance, unless you can tell me otherwise.

In my experience, large nodejs apps suffer from linear degradation.

Nodejs performs very well in synthetic benchmarks. In the real world, slow clients and large queries just kill that initial performance.

What do you mean by linear degradation?

I've heard NodeJS is good for io-bound tasks, but lags under cpu-intensive ones. That may explain his results.

Flask actually performs better on CPython than PyPy as of right now

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