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Can you share some advantages you perceive?

Pyramid avoids globals wherever it can, so this leads to cleaner and better architecture. has an event system that you can plug in, and customizable auth system. You also have powerful pluggable configuration system where you can easly add new functionalities to your app as extensions, like provide pluggable service layer, or auto add new views from external package for your application that handle some specific functionality.

It was also among first python frameworks that supported py3.

Pyramid also has scaffolds which layout the project in an intelligent way based on some assumptions. Pyramid can be as batteries included or as out of your way as you desire. In the end there isn't a Pyramid way (The Rails Way) there is just Python.

Also the debugtool bar is excellent for tracking down defects.

The last time I check the Pyramid code base had 100% test coverage.

I look to the documentation as a work of art and a standard for all of my opensource libraries.

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