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I found the Holy Grail of backups (2014) (stavros.io)
3 points by cosmie on Feb 18, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

To what extent do companies like Spideroak mirror your backups? Sure you can rent a VPS for a few dollars a month, but setting up a reliable infrastructure will take more than one VPS, no?

I'd recommend Borg, a fork of attic with better compression options and better filesystem support (i.e. NFS).

Seems a bit stale: "Conceived on 10 Apr 2014"...maybe note the year, in the title (?)

I've added the year to the title, but the content is far from stale.

I'd never heard of Attic before, and just like the author my reaction was "how did it take so long to find this?!" It's easy to use, simple yet configurable, featureful, and has the slickest way to restore snapshots I've seen. And the blogpost linked gives a much better overview of that awesomeness than the Attic site directly ( https://attic-backup.org/ )

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