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I think you have that backwards. Python 3 has been dead in the water since it broke backward compatibility. It's slower. It still only has about 20% of Python 2's use. Most active development of software is still in Python 2. There hasn't been a single killer feature of Python 3 to justify breaking compatibility without deprecation. The Py3 Dictator has already had to back down once on "discontinuing" py2 which was supposed to happen in 2015. If he insists on preventing a smooth transition that doesn't require libraries and significant code change then he will just end up with a permanent split as PyPy, Cython or Conda take over Py2 maintenance.

I do not use DOS6 or Windows 3 or OS/2.

I'm interested in the present.

You of course may use whichever software you want but I don't have enough time to learn anything but what is currently being developed.

Most people did not use Windows ME or Windows Vista. Py3 is the ME/Vista of Python. A foisted inconvenience with little benefit. I still haven't heard anyone articulate a benefit other than "it's the future of Python!" Yeah, OK. But it certainly isn't the future of programming in Python until Guido makes an XP or 7.

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