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Well, most (or all) web applications I've worked with make database calls to serve a response, which (in case of Flask) locks the whole thread

I don't get this, when did Flask start connecting to databases? The only point of Flask is that it only provides an HTTP layer, nothing more. If you want to connect to a database, you have to import some other library (or use something from Python's standard library), which may or may not be blocking.

Flask started talking to databases the moment people started using it. It's a web framework. OP's comment was saying it's single threaded nature is a detriment.

Flask is just an HTTP layer, not an execution engine, so it doesn't really have a single- or multi-threaded nature. It's thread-safe, though.

That said, the default development server built-in (which uses werkzeug's underneath) is multi-threaded - just pass threaded=True to app.run(...) - and in production, you can deploy a Flask app using an evented framework like Tornado or Gevent: http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/0.10/deploying/wsgi-standalone/#...

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