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FWIW there have been methods added to the Math class that perform math operations on unsigned integers, allowing a Java int to be treated as an unsigned int (cf long). In addition there have been other libraries such as JFFR and JNA that make it more sane to inter operate with C libraries in a much less painful way. There's even a future enhancement request to add this info a future release of Java.

Yea, I wouldn't read my above list as a list of roadblocks. The JVM is a serious work horse and every year the list of complaints I have shrinks. Go certainly has its own problems as well, and the performance profiles that pain java are probably not going to fare much better under Go. The major win is probably goroutines.

It's not even goroutines. Its the scheduler. I am continuously impressed by the amount of quasi-generic performance they can get out of something so simple. You can understand the entirety of the golang scheduler in minutes, and it works out of the box for most of my golang use cases.

That said, the JVM scheduling is pluggable, so I have options for a much bigger variety of use cases. With go if the default scheduler doesn't do what I want, I'm stuck.

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