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There are less options in golang so its easier to get started or to jump into the middle of a project. For certain classes of problems the golang standard library is dramatically better than the java ones so you don't have to spend as much energy researching alternatives. It tends to perform well by default for web service and/or cli applications. Compared to java it is more terse (though not compared to some jvm alternate languages, but that is a whole different barrel of fish). The TLS stack in golang is finicky but I trust it. And gofmt. No really, the best part of golang is gofmt.

For those benefits you trade off vs the jvm a) abysmal tooling b) extremely primitive concurrency support c) a more primitive type system and d) a much smaller ecosystem.

I very much like golang for 2 classes of problem 1) http/s based microservices and 2) command line programs that are a touch more complex than bash. I would never choose golang for a system that I thought was going to have a high LoC count or had a complex domain to model.

abysmal tooling? ... extremely primitive concurrency support?? Are you talking about Go?

No fully-functional debugger. Minimal instrumentation. No good code transformation or refactoring tools. No concurrent data structures.

It is pretty much an undisputed fact that modern Java tooling beats mostly everything else out there for any other language. If you're coming from a more modern JVM background, yes, the first thing I have felt was that most plang tooling is abysmal ... relative to the JVM.

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