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It's a bit unclear how enthused Mitsuhiko remains about Python development. He is one of the greatest contributors to the Python community and undoubtedly one of the most impressive software developers on the Internet. He is very "Python 2" oriented though and I wonder if his enthusiasm for Python has waned because he could never get onboard the Python 3 thing with enthusiasm. To his credit he updated Flask early to Python 3 and he has written alot of other stuff, most of which I understand to be Python 3 compatible.

As everyone here knows, it's hard to write software when you don't feel enthused about the programming language.

He has been doing stuff with Rust in particular. Maybe there will be a "Rusty Flask" one day.

I have done a little Flask work, but can't say that I have really followed Mitsuhiko's work. However, I have been looking at extensively digging into his new python based Lektor CMS


Apparently his enthusiasm remains high!

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