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Java doesn't require an IDE either: emacs/Ant/Maven is all I've ever used. Barring specialized platform-specific toolsets (like Android Studio) you don't NEED anything else (you might WANT something else, but that's a separate issue...)

Either you are very good, or you are working on small projects. Can't say which!

Java is 100-ton dinosaur to be working with using a simple editor. Spring, it dependencies, hibernate, junit alone make you want to work with an IDE.

I once wrote a forest fire simulator based on a cellular automaton in Java using nothing but a terminal and Leafpad. It's doable, I promise.

Yeah, I can believe that. However webapps(in your average startup) are far more complex, in the tools, libraries they use.

I try to use CLI editors for everything (for me it's vim, but lets not make that a big deal :P), but I have never been successful in doing so with java.

emacs is an IDE wrapped inside half an OS

Don't forget the psychotherapist!

Whoops, seems like you pissed some people off :D

I would like people that keep saying stupid stuff like this to try and compare the size of GNU Emacs to the size of, say, NetBeans, Eclipse or Visual Studio.

There is an enormous amount of stuff that "conventional" IDEs to and emacs does not do.

Consider NetBeans: there are a lot of people that use the NetBeans platform to create stuff that have nothing to do with programming, the very same way emacs users create modes that have nothing to do with programming: https://platform.netbeans.org/screenshots.html

Seriously guys, grow the fk up.

I'll set your less civil commentary to one side and simply ask this:

In what programming language could Emacs possibly not be feasible option for a seasoned Emacs user?

Anything that there aren't plugins for. Same as for Netbeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ, and yes, even notepad. They're all just glorified text editors with plugin/scripting support.

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