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Falcon (http://falconframework.org/ mentioned at the bottom of the article) does look interesting.

I've also had good experiences with bottle (http://bottlepy.org/docs/dev/index.html) for building internal apps for companies. The limited amount of users means I don't have to worry much about scaling and bottle with Paste server works pretty nicely. Jinja2 templates can also be used with bottle which is a plus. It's also pretty easy to compile this setup into an executable so it can run off someone's Windows machine and no need for a separate server. This setup makes a really convenient internal-use app which is easy to send to end users for deployment.

If you are bundling as a windows exe, where are you storing persistent state/data?

(EDIT: fixed autocorrect exe->exercise)

Either interact with an external database... (an existing company db for instance...this is just a front end) or else use a sqlite file on the local machine for smaller stuff.

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