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Ok, so supposedly the redesign is based on the idea of "bits and atoms". The atom at least seems to be based on the textbook image of a circular nucleus surrounded by lines of orbiting electrons. (Let's ignore the fact that the lines in the logo are pointing in totally nonsensical directions.) The "bit" though...why a square? A bit is a unit of measurement - it has no physical representation. Another circle would be just as valid. Maybe they're thinking of pixels? (Though those aren't always squares either...)

Even if you can get past how pretentious the whole concept of the design is, it all falls down anyway once you realize that they're just making shit up.

It's also not a theme that is unique to their brand at all. So you connect cyber and meatspace, ok, well what tech company in the last 20 years couldn't say that?

This is what's blowing me away more than anything. It's literally the second thought that came to my mind.

Only two possibilities:

--A hundred Uber employees thought of this, and didn't say anything about it because they were scared of the CEO.

--A hundred Uber employees thought of this, someone said something, and the CEO heard the words but did not even process them.

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