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Maybe take a closer look at where Uber's capital is sourced from and get you answer there.

Personally I think the logo is awful. And the statement

> but creating an icon that was based on an English character didn’t make sense for a global brand

Is the company not called Uber in all languages? Is Uber not the name of the company that starts with the letter U?

> Maybe take a closer look at where Uber's capital is sourced from

Eeh, I don't think it's deliberate, they just didn't really think it through. It's not a bank and it's not, majorly, for Chinese audience. In Chinese culture, these round coins with square hole inside are a symbol of money (and luck, but mainly money), even on religious statues and the like. It's not a good fit for a taxi app.

For reference, there are languages that don't have the letter U in them, or any letter you would recognize.

You don't see Pepsi re-branding themselves to 'Bebsi' in Arabic-speaking countries.

Well sort of.


But yeah everyone everywhere can read Latin alphabet, at least in the demographic interesting for Uber.

Ha, you got me. On the other hand, though, they are starting to borrow the Urdu 'p' character in some places.

The same could be said of f, but it works fine for Facebook.

Right but for them it would just be an abstract but still recognizable design. For the rest it's the U in Uber that's a classic recognizable design. Their new icon seems like a major shift and while I don't particularly like or dislike it I think they could have done a bit more with the U before throwing it out entirely.

Based on the word Über, which starts with U-umlaut.

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