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OP likes it too, unless he's being sarcastic. Really, it's hard to tell sometimes.

> The bit makes for a great favicon, and reminds us of the great work of early modernist painters. Left, Kazimir Malevich, Black Square, 1915. Right, Uber Favicon, 2016.

> Of all the brands based on squares, Uber's is the most exciting.

I read that as clear sarcasm.

Its definitely sarcasm, you cant trademark a square.

The comparison of the solid black square to famous art, and a description of the level of excitement about a brand "based on squares" where the brand is exactly only a square: those are the sarcastic components here.

These might even be interpreted as parody ("here is a great work of art by Uber, which is comparable in insight and execution to this work by a lesser known artist.")

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