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Yes. The author obviously has an axe to grind, implying Kalanick is an "elitist", "drooling idiot" who picked the logo "impulsively", "doesn't know what his own intentions are", and "shouldn't be in charge of Uber's brand" (all actual quotes from the article).

Flagged this submission for gratuitous negativity and for being a hit piece on Uber and some of Uber's employees, disguised as design critique.

This has to be a joke. You must realize I am a design critic.

Design critique is fine but this piece is riddled with personal attacks on Uber employees and political attacks on Uber as a company. You must realize this as well, as you changed the link "Uber is publicly struggling with its image" from a gossipy, political piece [1] to a more balanced piece [2] a few minutes ago.

[1] https://pando.com/2014/11/17/the-moment-i-learned-just-how-f...

[2] http://www.engadget.com/2016/02/02/uber-drivers-rates-protes...

You are mistaken. I have not changed any links. Those links were and are both there still next to each other.

Even if the article were some sort of political argument (I guess one could interpret it that way in the sense of internal design politics and management) it should not call into question its validity.

Id say your article was very informative and non bias. Of course your views are there but the information about per country palettes and whatnot was very depthy and rigorous. You did due diligence dont feel bad.

You may be a design critic, but any expertise in the criticism was devalued by the impression that you simply got out of bed on the wrong side.

No critic is accepted in their own country. I like your criticism, the CEO is a blithering idiot, and the logo matches.

This is ridiculous. The Uber redesign was outrageous on its face, the article is a humorous adaptation. I think you must work there.

Thank you for the laugh!

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