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For the record, it's happened more than once now that I look through my app menu and see the new Uber icon and have no idea what it is. Takes me a second to think about it and remember this 'rebranding'.

It's one of the worst things they could have done at a time when they need a strong brand the most.

Especially when a serious number of your customers are drunk when they are looking for your services....

I was sober and honestly thought the new logo was my uber app being updated. And the square meant the update was paused. Absolutely terrible rebranding. The U was recognizable and iconic.

What in the sands of silicom valley were they thinking? http://cdn.igeeksblog.com/wp-content/uploads/How-to-Fix-Apps...

I keep the Uber app in a travel folder on my iPhone. The small form of the new logo looked a lot like an app that was in the process of updating. For a few days I thought some app was stuck updating, and was about to uninstall it, until I realized what it was.

Yes I had no idea it changed. I went to get an Uber the other night and after 10 minutes of looking for the app I gave up and went back in the house. I left my glasses at work and was frustrated.

If you are ever struggling to find an app on iOS, you can swipe down at the home screen to search. I'd imagine Android has similar functionality

In fact, the latest iOS has brought back the search screen as the left-most page, you can get to it now by swiping right.

I'd have thought it would result in a fractional but statistically significant drop in use in the short term. At Uber scale, that's probably not pocket money, and probably does involve someone in analytics having a very awkward conversation with Kalanick.

Touch icon layouts aren't designed to encourage you to read the text below before selecting an app. If the big "U" isn't there but the big "lyft" still is, they've probably just lost a ride.

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