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Was it just me, or was the uBar advert at the bottom of the title really oddly placed. It was almost as if it were going to be part of the article. How the brand was becoming associated with crap software too.

Meanwhile that was totally just a horribly placed ad for the site ...

I've got this weird feeling that ad was placed by a bad fuzzy-match algo.

"Uber", "uBar", yeah sure, why not? run the ad.

Haha I thought the same thing. The author probably chose to include it, since it has a promo-code specific to the site.

Close enough!

It's horrible for the reader and for exactly that reason it's probably making more money.

Tangential question. Anybody here tried uBar? How is it?

Damn, the ads have devolved and are harder to block. At least don't show the ad to non-macs.

It's just a straight-up image and a link. While I hate advertising, this is a compromise I'm willing to accept.

Absolutely. I'd trade what we're stuck with today for simple, self-hosted images and links (no trackers, third party scripts, creepiness) in a heartbeat. This is advertising done right.

I guess. But damn, I'm so used to not seeing ads that I spent maybe 10 seconds wondering how the image was relevant to the article. "Maybe UBAR is an Uber side project?", I was thinking. Then I saw "SPONSOR" ;)

As more people block ads, ads will get harder to block

Except if you have NoScript (at least on Linux).

Huh? It's literally just an image and a link. NoScript isn't doing anything for you with regards to this ad.

Disable your JavaScript for maximum benefit

Maximum benefit? You'd still be seeing this ad, and most websites would stop working. What's the benefit?

Most website actually work okay with js disabled.

Obviously, in this case, it would not change anything since it is just an image and a link. But on the regular web, disabling js does have a lot of benefits (no tracking, faster browsing, etc...).

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