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This is a thesis without any supporting arguments.

tl;dr the thesis is Maps could be a reason policymakers don’t focus on minority issues

The American system of government is based on a bicameral system. That is, half of the legislative function (making new laws) is handled by a representation of the people, the other half by a representation of the land area.

This is by design. It is not a bug. The system is not a true democracy and while paying attention to minorities is important in any republic, it is not the only consideration. The reason land mass was called out was because the states establish and form the U.S., but I guess if you had to do it over again you could assign power to people with lots of money. The point being a legislative body representative of the existing system (and responsible for the architecture, not just the performance of government) was desired.

But none of that was in there. Neither was there much proof that maps cause harm to minorities. Both of these things should have been addressed for the essay to be worth much, sadly. Nice graphs though.

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