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Take a picture with your stock camera, or use an app that willcrop, apply OCR and convert your image to a document format? The former lacks features without relying on another program. The latter is only good for people who infrequently need something scanned. Most people can probably get by using a phone app, but this is for people with lots of paper documents.

That said, even if you have a dedicated document scanner, you should spend the $5 or whatever to get Scanbot Pro for your phone. Makes it so friggin easy to get a quick scan of a document if you ever need it. And it does on-phone OCR (far as I can tell the results are pretty good!) with the option to upload to dropbox or a similar service.

I mention Scanbot specifically because I bought and tried about 5 or 6 of the available document scanning apps on iOS before settling on it. It really does do literally everything I want in a document scanning app short of tagging the documents (which would, of course, be a file-system specific thing).

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