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Ten years ago the stack was much smaller than it is today.

If this is the "new generation", they probably have little experience. And you want "full stack" developers -- that's a really tall order, most people will work in a team where some people do one side and others do the other.

So you're looking for people who have little experience, and are still more about all aspects of this huge stack than just how to use it. It's not realistic.

Also, you're both blaming them that they are dependent on tools, and only asking them questions about various tools.

Exactly. I was concentrating on backend the last few years and didn't have much frontend tasks. I recently switched to a new project that was developed by a generally younger team, and it's way more complex.

Instead a JSP / ASP / Rails template files with a single CSS and JS page, along with JQuery and a few libs, there is a whole build process with dependency hell and a dozen tools to master - bower, grunt, npm, karma, etc.

Writing the frontend with promises and async patterns is actually more difficult than the backend which has been slimmed down to basic Rest -> Service - DB calls. Honestly, I'd probably do pretty poorly on an interview too, these days, if a 'Ninja Full Stack' dev. was desired.

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