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I think they aren't being lazy, and they've adapted to a culture that wants things finished quickly at the expense of quality, or anything else really.

Edit: The same culture doesn't recognize that "done" implies a certain level of quality.

This. "Lean" and "agile" emphasize feedback and iteration over great engineering. For a large number of apps, that's acceptable.

"agile" and, especially, "lean" emphasize feedback and iteration as tools to achieve quality and fitness for purpose (i.e., "great engineering".)

They do not emphasize feedback and iteration over quality.

Perhaps "complexity" should be used instead of "great engineering". The best engineered solutions are those that are simple, easy to understand, and fulfill business needs (profit, time to market, etc) vis-a-vis satisfying the programmer ego (In saying this, I'm pointing the finger back at myself as one who really loves to over-engineer)

That's how it usually works out though. I always get in trouble with management when I try to anticipate things we will probably need in 6 months before making design decisions.

A lot of people think that Scrum means not looking beyond the end of the next sprint.

It's also a culture of no training.

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