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Instead of asking broadly - and obviously get the answer "Yes! We need better tools!", you might ask yourself why you wanted to make the tool firsthand. You present two reasons:

- Cross-Platform - well, web based applications all are - Offline - that would be extra value, Trello for example does not offer that

But neither of these two reasons alone would encourage anyone to get a new project management tool.

You need some standalone features or feature a workflow that noone features so far. Focus!

Here are some questions you might ask yourself or the community:

- Do we need an issue tracker or a complete PM? This will determine your target market - For how many people do you need a PM? Single developer? Group of 5? Group of 100s? - Which type of projects do you work on? Software? Marketing? - How does your typical project workflow look like? - Which part of the workflow is still cumbersome, even when using software? - What's the one thing that a new project management tool should me with? - If the new PM tool was to do only one thing, how would you know that it does it perfectly?

You should probably come up with even more questions. Your goal must be to find a use case and a market and find out what pains are not solved yet. The more time and hence money a pain causes, the better you might create a product that sells.

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