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"Groupthink" can be Googled.

Are you learning anything from the unresponsive down-voters of your post? The only thing I learn from grey posts is that HN does not agree. Why they do not agree... I often have no idea why.

'Groupthink' makes zero sense in this discussion.

As to the noise explosion, think about what we just did. You posted a bit of offtopic meta (breaking a site rule), I was stupid enough to reply (breaking a site rule), now you're throwing inscrutable condescending non-sequiturs at me (breaking a site rule). We've added a bunch of pointless noise to a thread on the topic "Yelp Posts Q4 Loss, CFO Resigns". Some thankless moderator will have to come clean up after us.

Where can we talk about flaws in the Hacker News forum/comments?

Threads that are about that seem like a good place. As you know, anyone can start a thread.

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