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The major thing for me is proper search and filtering tools. Jira and TFS seem to get this right with JQL and Queries respectively, for most non-technical people however, they seem to be quite daunting.

I think the other main thing that could be improved is integration with other tracking software.

I work in testing. The main thing I see is projects using more than one project or defect management tool. I feel is an area that could be seriously disrupted.

For example... One project I worked, we had the developers (external company) using JIRA, whilst we used Smartbear ALM.

So I ended up writing something that used both the JIRA and ALM API's to save me updating two systems. Imagine if this functionality was out of the box?

What sort of problems are those non-technical people trying to solve w/r/t JIRA. I.e., what do they find daunting, how badly does it obstruct their workflow, etc. (I've written a decent amount of JQL but it's hard for me to imagine what a non-technical average user of JIRA would be trying to accomplish.)

Off topic but I've used a lot of ALM's, never Smartbear. A few sentences on how you like it compared to other products would be great!

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