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Issue trackers seem to be the most prevalant "scratch your own itch" project for programmers (well, after time trackers). I'm sure there's always a new way to approach a problem, but be aware that it is an over-saturated market with a large trail of abandoned/out-of-businessed solutions in its wake.

EDIT: Not trying to dissuade you, I guess what I mean is that if you're going to do it you should do it because you're in love with the idea and think you have something new to offer (and can clearly elucidate the problems that other systems don't solve, but yours does)... not because it seems like an easy way to make money. (Which I guess holds true for any business.)

Hell, Jira started this way and has become a bloated, uber-customizable piece of software over the decade since.

In a market like this, your company will not be a unicorn. If you ever make a billion dollar valuation, it will be the way Atlasssian did it - after many years of grinding through blood, sweat and tears. So you need to really love the problem and be passionate about serving your customers because that's the ONLY way you can win.

I've also seen this and it's worries me too, as I'm building a similar thing. However, as the popularity of Slack shows, there's always room to improve upon an old idea.

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