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Probably by getting out of the silicon valley bubble. Work for 'normal' companies that are actually trying to make the world better instead of building the millionth useless social media platform. Choose companies that aren't overvalued 100 times their actual worth (so don't work for Uber, Snapchat or any of those companies with valuations in the higher Billions range, without actually making any substantial profit).

Well, Uber in particular has a huge profit. But other than that, I agree.

Uber has huge revenue. They have failed to generate a single cent of profit though.

Ah, yes, sorry. Still, nearly $2B revenue and funneling most of it into trying to break into the Chinese market; I don't think they're doing badly at all.

One of the things about the last bubble was that revenue without profits did not save anybody. That's not to say Uber will do poorly if there is some sort of bubble pop, but profits and revenue are not at all the same thing, and bubbles bursting have a habit of reminding us of that.

and shady business tactics on top of that

Where is that huge "profit" exactly?

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