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Regarding some of the Buffett posts, he has been reading the IBM annual report for 50 years. Other major investments he owns, like Wells Fargo and BNSF, are major IBM customers. He once said Wells Fargo's largest expense is paid out to IBM each year.

Buffett's position is that IBM has succeeded in turnarounds throughout its 100+ year history. Also, their advantage is in the Public/Private hybrid cloud. Buffett also believes the cloud business is not a "Winner Take All" game.

Buffett also applauds what industry pundits have dubbed, IBM's "Financial engineering". IBM has financed share buybacks with debt. With interest rates and share prices at low-levels, he believes the buybacks are sound.

In my time, I remember when IBM jumped on the Linux and Java bandwagons with great success. I think most people respect the contributions they made with the Eclipse IDE for example.

It will be interesting to see what they do with Bluemix and AI. I still respect them as a technology company.

Blumix is late to the game and has to put it mildly road to do https://status.ng.bluemix.net/

When bluemix started out on day one, I didn't know what the heck was going on. When I look at that list now, I'm impressed with the cohesion of the services presented. I see bluemix, Twitter insights, weather insights, and a lot of other services that fit into the narrative IBM has pushed through the media. The services appear relevant, and I'd trust ibm to support and grow them instead of using the public as its sandbox.

yeah but look at the outages, provisioning of something is broken every other day. this has impacted my startup already multiple times, sadly.

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