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Robert Cringley has a recent book about the decline of IBM - http://www.cringely.com/2014/06/04/decline-fall-ibm/ - I found it pretty interesting. His thesis is that IBM's management has consistently goosed short-term profits by making cuts that hurt it long term. It off-shored technical work, under-invested in quality, tooling and automation, laid off older more experienced workers, etc. I don't have any first hand of experience of IBM, so I cannot vouch for how true Cringley's story is.

The problem with anything Cringeley writes is it is tainted by his baseless past claims that IBM will be laying off most of its workforce. He has been wrong every time. He'd be more interesting to read if he wasn't trying to act as some Nostradamus to IBM who keeps repainting the IBM death portrait each time his predictions don't turn into reality.

That book is not good. Its filled with factual errors, gross misstatements and pure speculation. It fits well with author's anti-outsourcing/immigration agenda.

It jelled with what I know anecdotally. Their Indian outsourcing is terrible, bad compensation, nothing close to Google or other tech companies in India. This is from a few years back.

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