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The Layoff List
22 points by SQL2219 on Feb 7, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
I was browsing the layoff news this morning. In summary, it looks like the following sectors are getting hit: tech, energy, schools (local & universities), retail.

Here is a half-ass aggregation of some of the stories, if the name follows with -x% it means I couldn't easily find the actual number:

Autodesk -925

BlackBerry -200

Practice Fusion -25%

Chicago Public Schools -227

VMware -15%

GoPro -7%

Mixpanel -20

Microsoft -18,000

Cisco Systems -14,000

Juniper Networks -1,300

Oracle -26,000

IBM -95,000

HP -86,000

Hewlett Packard Enterprise -72,000

EMC Corp -15%





Sprint -800

Shell -10,000


Nasty Gal -10%

Yale University Tech Dept. -24

Wells Fargo -581

Genworth Financial -200

Eastern Illinois University -200

Illinois State University -x%

Delta Airlines -100

Credit Suisse -4,000

Yahoo -15%

Random Oil Companies -x%

Random Coal Mines -x%

Newport News Shipbuilding -700+

Sandridge Energy -172

Brach's Supermarket -127

Regions Bank -260

Polaris -100

Carrier Corp -62

Caterpillar -120

Sam's Club -120

good summary article on tech layoffs:


It would be nice to see a list of sources you used.

It would also be nice to compare these numbers with historical data: are they higher, lower or the same as layoff numbers in previous years (across the economy and by business sector)?

Companies lay off people all the time, and some companies can be having financial difficulties even when the economy is doing well. Layoffs at Yahoo probably occurred for completely different reasons (e.g., not being able to compete against Google and Facebook for ad dollars) than the ones at Chevron (probably due to the declining price of oil). The fact that some number of companies laid off some number of people this year doesn't imply anything interesting unless it's placed in context.

Looks like a good half a million people.

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