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For tech I'm honestly trying to keep up less, I want more time in my life to read shitty fiction etc (and you know, spend time with humans I guess); I've spent the better part of a 15 years keeping up _too_ much IMO.

On nothing to do with tech: I'm desperately trying to find something that covers general world news without too much of a US slant, in a nice concise way. Next Draft (mentioned elsewhere in this thread) is pretty good, but is very US heavy.

When I trialled subscribing to The Economist their Espresso app-- which is essentially a daily curated newsletter-- was pretty decent, so if you sub to them you should definitely check it out.

These days I'm trying the qz daily digest, which I think is working out OK: they talk about what to expect in the next day, what happened while you were asleep etc. If anyone has any better suggestions I'd love to hear them: I like how the economist actually talks about other parts of the world apart from the states, but I don't love it enough to pay their standard sub rate.

In terms of general flowery writing I get emails from Medium based on what I've read, emails from Pocket based on what I read, and longform.org's newsletter. Depending on how snowed under I feel at any given time I either just delete them without opening them, of potentially skim them to see if anything is interesting.

"It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential." – Bruce Lee

I've subscribed the Quarz RSS feed (not the daily newsletter). I am mostly pleased with their articles. They do have a weird obsession with women's issues, though. It's not that I don't care about these but articles on this subject are often a bit fluffy for my taste.

Example: http://qz.com/599694/a-peek-inside-modern-day-elite-kitty-pa... (I read that article two times and still don't understand why "Kitty Parties" are of significance and how they differ from other social gatherings of business minded women or people in general)

@OP: Thanks for posting this questions. Looking forward to other people's answers. I find it quite reassuring that other people also long for curated newsletters.

Kitty parties are a huge thing for women :) It's a women-only kind of thing, mainly. Quite popular in India too (probably inherited from British colonial times), at least among the married women crowd. To try to describe it, I'd say that for women, it is something like "girling out", similar to geeking out or such terms. Meaning doing something you like, possibly intensively (along with others).

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