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Thanks :)

Regarding ugliness - I started on a stylesheet, and then just decided that wasn't the point. I just wanted something quick to demonstrate this use of KBFS, and I'm not expecting (or desirous of) people to use it as a genuine service.

I've been working a bit on a blog for my own ramblings (some here may have tried the naked domain and noticed it 503s) - I'm now interested in doing that as the demo here but fixed to my account. (And uh.. with a stylesheet and stuff!)

As you noted, it would then seem sensible to do some caching - but I think this needs careful thought to not destroy the purpose and benefit of hosting posts on Keybase. I suppose it would have to display the cached copy, and then load from KBFS in the background anyway, to verify it (not only as untampered-with, but also as being still the latest version).

Doing caching correctly is tricky. Some kind of cache hinting might be needed. As a default though having it cache with a 5 minute interval would blunt the hit of a popular page very significantly. It would also allow for the use of a CDN like Fastly, Akamai, CloudFront, or CloudFlare in front if things get very hot.

An even more impressive trick might be a TLS server with SNI running vhosts which could check that the content was signed by a keybase user with a DNS proof for controlling that same domain. That would allow custom domains based on DNS CNAMEs. Now I'm getting carried away though ;)

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