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> I'd class it as a success if it paid for its own hosting and made me more than say $100 a month.

Then yes, absolutely!

Even if you were driven by revenue opportunity, it can still be worth starting a SaaS in a niche with a clear leader as long as you can clearly beat them in a few ways (ie. undercutting price, better UI / UX, etc).

Your "Then yes, absolutely" makes it sound like it is easy to make a SaaS with a monthly $100 revenue. Is it so?

It's not hard at all. Find a company with a problem they're willing to pay $100 a month for. Tailor the product to their needs. Sell it to that company.

Can you turn it into a viable business? Depends on how hard you hustle.

> Find a company with a problem they're willing to pay $100 a month for.

That doesn't seem easy at all.

Why wouldn't it be? There are companies all around you. From the gas station down the street to the finance businesses downtown. They all have problems, and they all have money. Some of those problems can be solved with software. All you have to do is keep talking to them until you find one.

$100 a month is practically nothing on an American company's budget. To many of them, $1K a month and $100 a month mostly looks the same. They'll happily pay either amount, so long as the solution provided actually does what you say it does and it isn't a hassle.

The OP said he already uses the service from the competition for his clients so at the least he will be able to switch them over and have some revenue.

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