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That's not true, this book [1] is written by a woman and got a lot of support :

[1] http://www.amazon.fr/CSS-Secrets-Lea-Verou/dp/1449372635

(it's really good btw)

It's absolutely not true, and in fact the #1 book in Amazon's "Computers & Technology" category last week was written by a woman.

Despite that, it's a belief that's out there, and it prevents some women from even trying (which is bad).

Practical object oriented design in Ruby by Sandi Metz is hugely popular, and not just inside the Ruby community, and rightly so, it's one of if not the greatest texts on programming I've read.

I've only bought one Ruby book and it's POODR by Sandi Metz. One of the best programming books I've ever read.

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