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Unless you're incredibly smart (i.e. not me), you should be going for niches where money is already being made and there are clear leaders you can go after. Otherwise you don't know if people will pay for your thing and don't have any people to use for research or as customer personas.

That out of the way, an area like that covered by StatusPage will cause you grief, at least with doing it at 'business scale'. People expect a status page to never go down and to be available even when The Worstâ„¢ occurs. It's not merely a software challenge but a huge operational and customer service one. Good luck though!


The only exception to that rule, which I feel is worth mentioning, is the infamous two-sided marketplace or network-dependent business.

In both cases market leaders have clear lock-in and it's very hard to compete with them without a huge pile of money.

But obviously the StatusPage idea discussed here doesn't have that problem.

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