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No, it means exactly this. You know absolutely nothing about engineering, and you keep proving it. As well as millions of other similarly under-educated semi-programmers.

Know why? Because there is no place for democracy in science. It does not matter how many people believe in some crap. As long as objective criteria exist, as long as a formal proof is possible, any number of millions can believe in whatever they fancy, and nobody should care about their idiotic fantasies.

And it is dead easy to prove that something is overengineered. You may not know it, with such a background, but complexity is a well defined, objective, measurable thing. If you're curious, look up what an "Algorithmic information theory" is.

An existence of a formally simpler model with a more flexible functionality is a very clear evidence that the other, more complex system is overengineered. Just compare something like Tcl/Tk with your awful web stack.

And should I go into Javascript, the heart of your entire stack? This is pretty much my speciality, I am a PL specialist, so you cannot accuse me of an ignorance here. It is very easy to prove how bad Javascipt is, how horribly it is designed from all the PL-theoretic points of view.

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