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Personally I think CodeAcademy is just a bad meme. They offer cheap tutorials such as:

"To save your name type:"

   var name = "Sergio";
"Good job! Now you know what a variable is. What? I have yet to see one person learn something useful using CodeAcademy except paste what the terminal is telling them to paste. I would stay away from this site.

>Personally I think CodeAcademy is just a bad meme.

Respectfully, OP was asking for resources related to learning HTML and CSS from a non-technical point of view. From a standing start, JavaScript is a way down the line in the web development part -- not the beginnings of HTML and CSS for web design.

Sure, Codecademy is not the be-all solution, but they're accessible enough to get started for a broad section of non-technical folks, hence my recommendation.

Edit: italics.

Same problem: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/web-beginner-en-HZA3b/0/1...

"Copy paste this to pass this lesson" - No context given, just do this to pass. That's not good learning.

Codecademy has hundreds of little exercises. Often, first they introduce you to a concept where you just read through the example and press Pass if you got it. After that you always have to write or correct code yourself. Pointing out at one particular exercise can not prove that the approach itself is bad.

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