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Assuming Perforce, or perforce like system. Couple of things.

//depot/main/game - all your code + exported (but not yet converted) data lives there. You can give this to QA, Build manager, scripter, coder and they can build a level, compile the game, tools, etc. if needs so. By exported here is what I mean: - Exported textures, models, sound, etc data ready to be further on converted to platform specific formats. The original data was kept in //depot/source

Keep several department oriented //depot/source p4 views. Each specific department would get mapped this in their view, others would not.

//depot/source/sound - For example big huge 24-bit sound files + whatever other extras ProTools or other software writes. Suitable for sound folks to keep their project settings, experiments, settings, but not suitable for everyone else to see.

//depot/source/textures - Your big ass huge PSD, or whatever else source files - containing all layers that you've built your textures, or whatever else a texture/material department might see fit (there might be more than one - character, environment, etc. departments with different organizations). Not suitable for the main team, great for whoever works on textures.

//depot/source/animations - For example big huge FBX MotionBuilder or something else files. Suitable for animation people to edit, but not suitable for the game tools to read them and convert them every time. //depot/source/models - etc. - your big ass again .3DS, .MA/.MB, even .FBX files. Great for modelers, not great for everyone.


You might even have external people working for you, you don't put their stuff directly with your stuff (legal maters, payment, review process, etc.)





You also don't want them to have access to everything you do, and you need to establish way to review their assets and how to communicate work - what needs to be done, requirments, etc.


So a typical game developer would only need


some studios would even submit back converted data, for example:





others prefer to convert while building. For example all huge ass PSD files with lots of layers were probably exported as .TIFF, .PNG, even .JPG for insanely big backdrops, and from then on these would get converted to swizzled optimized textures - for example on all iPhone/iPads you get PowerVR chip, and it has PVRTC texture compression, unlike ETC, DXT for PC.

It all depends also on your team.

So a WiiU only programmer, might just sync

# Not ideal locations, but something that might work:

//depot/main/game/... c:/blah/game/

//depot/build/game/data/wiiu/... c:/blah/game/build/data/wiiu

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