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There is a cultural problem in game development where they think the performance imperative makes them the epitome of software development. They do not understand how anyone in any other field of software development could ever touch them in terms of pure, unadulterated, programming prowess. As a result, tools, lessons, and best-practices learned in other fields are nearly completely ignored. Not-invented-here syndrome is strong.

There is nothing particularly special about game development. Yes, there is an emphasis on real-time operation that changes the specific design of applications. But there is no reason to believe that should have any impact on project management.

Well, there is one specific thing not common to other types of programming: large amount of small-to-large binary files to handle. Most of those files are in proprietary formats which makes it hard to automate stuff. I believe OP was asking exactly about managing these files.

I have to agree with the rest you said. Discussions I had with game devs show that most of them are clueless about databases, web technologies (aside from HTML5 JavaScript) and tend to invent their own sub-optimal solutions. What's the real problem is that some of them share those and get adopted as standard in the gamedev community - because they don't know any better.

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