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Simple. I don't have an account on Facebook/Twitter/whatever. While others might find it necessary I find them utterly boring and irrelevant. I think that not owning a smartphone helps a lot in that aspect. I have a dumbphone with a battery that lasts for weeks and I'm happy with my choice. As for e-mail, I have two accounts, one for work, one for everyone else. I don't check the latter while at work, ever.

Same. I deleted my facebook account shortly after being talked into creating it. I learned way too much about my friends and lost respect for many of them. I've never had a twitter account. I have a dumb throw away phone registered to an obviously bogus name. For email, I just dump everything from a domain into a text file and parse out the subjects. Very little makes it into that mail server.

What kid of phone do you own?

I have a Samsung E-2600. Brilliant phone. The battery lasts for at least two weeks with moderate use and also it's light and compact. I have to admit, every time I see someone pulling out a behemoth with an 5.5" screen to talk puts a smirk on my face. The model is currently obsolete so I guess anyone interested will go for the next in line.

That's awesome. I had a similar one back in the day. Yeah, the phablet trend is a bit silly, but I guess to each his own, right? What would your ideal feature phone be if you could redesign it?

I consider the one I own as ideal, so I guess I'd go for that or the next in line, which is probably a Samsung C3750. My needs are quite basic. It has to be light and compact with long battery life and that's all :)

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