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Of the items listed, I only use email. Call me a Luddite but all of those other things are just unnecessary distractions. I find that my life is much more focused when I control the funnel of noise. I have an RSS reader for news and email or a phone for communication. All these other potential streams of data are like road signs or commercials: I know they're there but I've made such an effort to ignore them that they just don't register.

Try this:

$ cat /etc/hosts|grep face facebook.com www.facebook.com

There should be newlines in there...

$ cat /etc/hosts|grep face facebook.com www.facebook.com

The problem with /etc/hosts is that it is too easy to simply undo. I use https://selfcontrolapp.com, which lets you block a list of sites for a set period of time and does not have a way to circumvent that.

Well, since the app is open source, you surely could just read the code and figure out a method. However, doing that requires enough focused effort to source-dive and debug something. It is much much easier to prevent oneself from doing that than to keep oneself from editing a file.

If anyone is thinking of responding to this comment by speculating how to circumvent the tool, take that to another thread.

you can just:

$ grep face /etc/hosts

I don't see the point either way. Maybe they mean `echo ' facebook.com www.facebook.com' >> /etc/hosts`?

it's declarative programming! you say what result you want and let the machine figure out how to get there.

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